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Tiki & Tapa Surfboard by Janet Nikora
Humpback Whale Surfboard by Janet Nikora
Orca Surfboard by Janet Nikora
Acrylic Pouring Medium Surfboard
Whale Tale Surfboard by Janet Nikora
Surfboard Art by Janet Nikora

I just want to thank you so much for the board it is absolutely stunning and we adore it. Orca are my absolute favourite so it’s so cool to have them on the board, but it’s all just so perfect!! Love it so much...thank you again!

Kindest regards, Kim

Kim Free Photography


Surfboard Art by J Nikora
Surfboard Art by J Nikora
Available to purchase
Commission piece
Waves (Available to purchase)
Hard at work
Commission piece
Work in progress
Design process
Summer Vibes
Tiki & Tapa
Line up
Ready to recycle
Whales by air
Start to finish
Commission piece
Paua Tiki
Mock ups
A note from the Artist...


Updated Feb 2023

I get a few enquiries about my boards, so I thought I'd write a note about the process. When I do have a board for sale, I'll add a photo and also post it on my Facebook and Instagram accounts...if you're interested in seeing what I have available just send me an email or give me a call. I'm happy to send additional photos for genuine enquiries.

The purchase price varies between boards and how much work is involved. When I get a query about one of my boards, or about creating a one-off commission piece, sometimes I never hear back, and the price has obviously put them off. Other times I hear the comment “gosh that’s far too cheap” from people who can appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a unique piece of art.

Some of the cost covers the price of the actual board and materials, the rest is for preparation, design and creation. I source pre-loved boards and recycle them. I’ve purchased boards from as little as $20 and up to $100... obviously the condition varies, and so does the amount of work involved in preparation. Every board is unique and special.

Preparation involves doing any minor repairs, stripping off any wax, adhesive etc., sanding, priming and creating a clean workable surface. Small imperfections add to the character of the board, and I prefer to leave the back of the board original, so that it tells a story (shapers details etc.) The other great thing with recycling is that the board is given a new life and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

My art-boards are often influenced by a blend of styles, such as Maori and Pacific design, as well as by nature and the ocean. I will only accept a commission if I feel that my style will do justice to your vision. I welcome genuine enquiries.


I hope you love them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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Surf Board Art by Janet Nikora
Surf Board Art by Janet Nikora
Surf Board Art by Janet Nikora
Surf Board Art by Janet Nikora
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