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Promoting your business or event can be costly, especially for new businesses. Even the most budget friendly package can put some business owners off. Going online with a new website, branding and signage costs can all add up, and sometimes put people off moving ahead.

Studio Blue Creative, in association with finance brokers TMFNZ Limited, may be able to arrange 

Low Interest, No Deposit Finance* to make the cost of marketing your business affordable.

I'm happy to discuss your ideas, and together work on a plan for everything you'll need. I'll provide a no obligation quote, which will enable TMF Finance to work their magic and see if they can help with finance.

*Terms & Condition apply - TMFNZ Ltd 

TMFNZ Ltd are independent Finance Brokers who will assist in finding the best finance deal available. They offer a no nonsense, fast and easy approach to getting a loan. You can apply online via their website, or call them to discuss your needs.

Contact Gay at TMF Finance (TMFNZ Ltd.)

P: 021 688 282




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Contact the team about finance

Thanks! Message sent.

* Quotes over $500 only may qualify for finance. Acceptance in accordance with TMFNZ Ltd Terms & Conditions for lending.

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